The leaves were a first step in exploring what happens when things begin to dissolve and die. A mortality we all share. They are almost at their most beautiful when in the process of dying.  

The sun is shining

My eyes are bright with tears

Everything is changed

Everything is the same

Lifted up on a cushion of love.


Everything you were and are comes with me

Beautiful as an early fresco 

You lie in peace on your resting place.

In your saints shroud not a line to mark your now untroubled brow.


The philadelphus is full of small birds

A young blackbird pecks furiously away  inside the jasmine filled pots

The full moon tonight brings peace as you shine above me like the stars.


You have sailed just beyond the horizon

where for a while I cannot see you

Victoria Nathanson July 2018

'l'arte e scoprire la vita con gli occhi meravigliati di un bambino'

© all material is copyright of Victoria Nathanson