Some of my paintings have been made into A5 size cards which are blank inside for you to write in. I sell them with coloured self seal envelopes (size c5 ) for £1.50. each

The cards were printed from a series of Paintings I made for the Calabash Hotel in Granada in the West Indies.

The Armadillo is a symbol of Grenada and in the background are the flowers and vegetation I saw in the rainforest there. The Ginger Lilies, Heliconia, and Hibiscus. Then in front you can see nutmeg and the cocoa plant with mangoes and papaya.

In the Garden card are the long strands of Thumbergia which hang down and are visited by small hummingbirds in the early morning. In the distance you can see a travellors tree as the branches are full of water for the thirsty. Also the white egrets and the calabash cat. There is also an all healing Aloe Vera Plant. You peel back the tough coating of the leaves to get at its magical jelly.

There are no Jaguars in Grenada but I was asked to paint one and so I have placed him in one of the many calabash trees I saw there. Behind is a full moon peeping through the fronds of the palm trees.

The dove shows the large Dove of Grenada which had become almost extinct. The Painting is also about how the sea continues even though we cannot see past the line of the horizon. In the same way as life continues after death, although we cannot see or understand it from where we are standing.

In the frame is the under the sea tea towel which I designed.   The latest batch were are a mix of linen and cotton, still very soft but slightly thicker. They have a hanging loop and sell for £9 each but they are now sold out so I will be printing some new designs in 2019.