I work closely with those who commission me, making sure with sketches, that we are going in the right direction at each stage. It is very much a joint creation with me suggesting ideas but also listening to what the client wants and explaining to them what works and what does not.

Recent Commissions have included a magical garden where all the wildlife meet. Also much loved family houses and dogs and favourite Landscapes.

I take on illustrations for cards, posters menus and invitations.

Each commission is different and I prefer to discuss price after finding out exactly what the client is looking for. It also depends on the medium and oils tend to cost a bit more as they take longer. I have made several large paintings of Tigers, one of which was made into cards and sold in aid of the International Trust for Nature Conservation. I was asked to paint a series of panels on the flora and fauna of Grenada for the Calabash hotel. These were also made into cards . Some of these are available for sale please look under cards.